Chopsticks set of 2, Nanako-nuri (coating)
Chopsticks set of 2, Nanako-nuri (coating)

Chopsticks set of 2, Nanako-nuri (coating)

$200.00 USD
    The lacquered chopsticks, which are called lacquered chopsticks, are hard to get dirty on the surface, so they keep clean. In particular, the Tsugaru–nuri chopsticks, which are known for their texture and toughness, are very comfortable to touch and can be used for more than 10 years if used carefully.

    The method used in this product, Nanako–nuri (coating) is more difficult than Kara-nuri, because it has to produce a round pattern evenly. Compared to Kara-nuri, fewer craftsmen can provide the product of Nanako–nuri, and that makes this valuable product.
    The color is a set of Roage (black) and Akaage (red), and it is a long-selling product.
    The tip is non-slip and easy to use.
    A set of chopstick rests is also included in the gift box.
    All the products are made by hand carefully one by one at our Shokunin-factory.
    It’s easy to clean, just wash it with a mild detergent and a soft sponge, and wipe off the moisture with a dry cloth.
    How about adding some color to your everyday table?


    L: 9.3 in (23.5 cm)
    M: 8.1 in (20.5 cm)
    Chopstick rest: 2.0 in (5.0 cm)

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